Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is that cat vomit? A treatise on today's airplane food

It used to be that flying Thai Airways was a pleasurable experience. I'd get shrimp curry in economy class, along with incredible service that has kept me coming back for the past 11 years. This morning was an unfortunate reminder of how much the quality of that experience has been going down. Just a few years back I would have received scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes on a morning flight. This morning, however, a croissant was placed before me that was filled with something that resembled cat vomit! This probably doesn't speak well of me, but I went ahead and tried it. Yep, it tasted like it looked! Yuck! It really made me wonder what some poor cat must have had to eat last night, and what would have possessed him or her to share it with all of the passengers on my flight. A hair ball? A rat? It's just hard to know. In any case, I feel sorry for that poor cat, and for all of us that had to endure it's vomit this morning. Thai Airways, if you are reading this, please charge me the extra couple of bucks that it costs to provide eggs and potatoes on my next flight. Cat vomit just doesn't do it for me!